Sotoneko Japan by Shunsuke Minamihaba

Sotoneko Japan

Sotoneko Japan by Minami Shunsuke (Image credit:

When I was wandering Beppu’s mall (You-me Town), I found a book titled “Sotoneko Japan”, Outdoor-cat Japan by Shunsuke Minamihaba, which shows extensive research into the stray cat situation. It is full of beautiful and heartwrenching photos, as well as maps that point to where there are the highest populations of strays. The tagline is “Kawaii dake ga neko ja nai”, or “Cats are more than just cute”, pointing out that people need to respect them as living animals with needs and boundaries. The cover slip warns readers not to carelessly approach strays that may be feral. I was careful in my explorations not to attempt to touch any of the cats that didn’t approach me themselves.

I bought the book and took it home with me. Unfortunately I know very little Japanese (the kanji in the book don’t have furigana), so I wasn’t able to read much.

The author has a website where you can see some of his photography (text is in Japanese):

Also a blog (in Japanese):


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