Stray Cat Photo Collection – Kitahama Park

Because of WordPress’s horrific layout controls, I’m going to put all the images that would have been included in “Noraneko: Stray Cats in Beppu and Nagasaki” in separate collections. Enjoy!

Friendly cat at Kitahama Park

Super friendly cat likes scritchies.

Orange cat at Kitahama Park

Orange Cat at Kitahama Park

Sleeping Kitahama Cats

Cats sleeping at Kitahama Park. Growing up together as strays seemed to have given them good bonds.

lovemaking cats

A public display of foreplay and lovemaking, ensuring future generations of Kitahama Park kittens. (Actually they separated after a few moments so they didn’t actually mate; practicing?) In any case, it proved that these cats aren’t spayed/neutered, and thus lies the problem. 

Grey Tabby at Kitahama Park

A grey tabby eyes the camera from the bushes

Feeding crab treats to a hungry black cat

My friend Anri offers some crab treats to a very hungry black cat.

Friendly cat at Kitahama Park

The friendliest cat I met approaches me for some love. Unfortunately I never saw him again at the park.

Cat gang at Kitahama Park

Cat gang at Kitahama Park.

Cats at Kitahama Park

Cats hanging out at Kitahama Park

Hungry black cat looks for crab treats

This cat smelled crab treats, and was very assertive about hunting them down. He was able to bite a hole in the plastic treat bag and nearly made off with the whole thing.

Orange and white cat in the bushes

One of Kitahama’s resident cats rests in the bushes


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