White Alley Cat


Here is a sampling of the cats and kittens I came across hanging out in alleyways, at temples, and in storefronts. At least a couple of them, I was pleased to see, did have collars, but were allowed to mingle with the real strays.

Stray cat family

Another family occupying the streets

cat outside restaurant

This cat seemed to have adopted this restaurant as a prime panhandling location

another alleycat

One of innumerable cats haunting Beppu’s alleyways

scruffy calico

A scruffy calico tries to sleep on a sidewalk

Cat hiding under car close-up

Close-up of cat hiding under car

Cat hiding under car

A cat hides under a car wheel

Alley cat buddies

Alley cat buddies

White alleycat

White alleycat

Alley Cats close-up

Alley cat gang watching me warily

Hair salon cat

This cat wasn’t a stray judging by his/her collar. A resident of the hair salon?

Hair Salon Cat

Hair Salon Cat guards the entrance

Hair Salon Cat

Close up of the hair salon cat

Close-up of temple yard cat

Close-up of temple yard cat

temple cat

Another temple resident

Temple porch cat

This cat has found a home at this temple

cat offering belly

A friendly non-stray rolls about on the street

Cat scratching post

A collared cat files down her claws on a temple post



  1. Some really nice pics of the cats – you have a wonderful eye. Is it customary for cats to sleep with their owners and in their homes in Japan? I see there are quite a few strays but some cultures don’t allow pets in their homes – hence the question. CS5711


    1. Thank you! For the most part, I believe pet cats in Japan sleep indoors at the same rate they do in America. I’m not an expert, but from what I’ve seen, it appears that way. You’ve probably seen Maru on Youtube; cats are loved in Japan, but it’s difficult to find apartments that allow pets.


    1. I guess growing up on the streets together gives the cats good bonds with each other–when they aren’t competing for food or mates. I was also surprised that most of them didn’t mind people up close. Some were skittish, like the mom protecting her kittens, but many were very tame and even let you pet them.


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